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Extreme Locks Manchester

Here at Extreme Locks, we are very experienced automotive locksmiths providing a complete car key replacement, repair and vehicle unlocking service.

We can unlock any vehice no matter if the keys are locked inside the vehicle or if the locks have stopped working and you need the security bypassing.

With modern car keys we are finding more and more that they can lose their programming when the battery is changed in the key. This is a very easy fix whereby we can connect to your vehicle and re program the remote to the vehicle.

When you have lost your car keys, then there is sometimes a quick and easy fix where we can come to you and make a car key there and then. In some caes however it is not possible and we must first of all order your key and immo code from the vehicle manufacturers.

On the occassions where we have to order your vehicle codes from your manufacturer you will sometimes have to wait 24 hours for the codes to arrive meaning, you vehicle can't be done for 24 and sometimes even 48 hours. If you have to wait, then we will give your job priority and will respond to your needs the minute the codes arrive.

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